Entry #1

Elite Beat Agents flash game?

2007-07-22 07:28:32 by lordDDD

Does anyone of you know Elite Beat Agents for Nintendo DS?
I want to make a little flash game, which should be like that game.
I need some tips how to make such a game on an easy way, so if you know, please write me.
I've got the points but I have problems with the slopes (original in picture below)...

thank you

Elite Beat Agents flash game?


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2007-07-22 10:49:53

There were a few for the rock out contest. It doesn't work very well with a mouse unless you make them rather large butons

lordDDD responds:

Thank you for the clue ;)


2010-04-10 15:32:46

looks weird :S but would be cool if it realy was so.
maybe its the sequel to elite beat?